Workshop at Macy’s Learning Hub

Welcome to the Workshop at Macy’s Learning Hub

An overview of how to navigate the learning hub and tailor your learning plan.

Introduction to Retail

Review the terminology, business models and benchmarks for success in the retail industry.

Assortment Planning

Building the right assortment to make your brand standout

Presenting Your Brand

Prepare for your next business conversation using these tips.

Marketing and Branding

Create a marketing and branding strategy to attract new customers.


Take a behind the curtain view of the logistics required to get your brand on a retailer’s shelf.


Create the right legal structure for your brand.

Entrepreneurial Finance

Financial Management and Access to Capital tips for success .

Entrepreneurial Advice

Advice to help you navigate the hurdles while growing your brand.

Perfecting The Pitch

Share your elevator pitch. Review your colleagues’ elevator pitches and provide coaching.

WAM 2023 Participants

Materials for vendors who have been selected to participate in the 2023 WAM.

2023 WAM Sessions - On Demand

Video recordings of the Workshop At Macy's live sessions.